What is Minute Millionaires?

Minute Millionaires is an educational program, teaching novice and veteran investors how to make millions in real estate in less than a minute. 

The Millionaire Builder, Earl Wise and his team will give insightful tips and the step by step process; they used to make millions in real estate. 

You can watch footage of projects, actual numbers of real deals and The Millionaire Builder consulting clients through their real estate projects.

If you want to understand how real estate works, gain financial freedom, leave a legacy for your family, or enjoy the millionaire lifestyle; make sure you follow, share and join the Minute Millionaires.

Who Is Earl Wise?

Earl Wise is a self-made multi-millionaire, who was born in one of the poorest cities in the United States. His abusive father left his mother and two younger sisters at the age of 10. 

He made a decision to be the man of the house, when his father left. He told his mother, they didn’t need his father and he would provide. His mother and his relationship changed forever that day. He raised his younger sisters, while his mother worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Earl recognized he was different at a very young age. He could see futuristically, always the leader, and maximized other’s potential. He also understood concepts that most found difficult and could communicate those concepts effectively to all people.

Although growing up broke, he was never mentally poor. Earl acknowledged his weakness of a poor education system, having a lisp, being from the country and worked on improving himself every day. He was aware of his gifts of being a visionary, maximizer, relatable and knew he would be wealthy.

After graduating from Savannah State University in 3 years, with a degree in Business Management; Earl worked as a Risk Analyst for a Fortune 200 healthcare corporation. He then transitioned into a Sales Executive role for a fortune 100 healthcare corporation.

While working, he paid off all his debts, invested into the stock market, and started a multimillion dollar real estate investment business. 

After earning millions in residential and commercial real estate, Earl knew his passion was people and financial education. 

Earl recognized in this digital world, to educate and impact the most people; he would have to provide the information simply and quickly. In 2019, he started an education business called Minute Millionaires. In this educational system, the Minute Millionaires teaches how to make millions in real estate and gain financial freedom.

In his off time, Earl likes to spend time with his family, travel the world, drive fast cars and acquire luxury properties.

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